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Mar 20, 2011


He still held my hand tightly with the right eye menenung both eyes."This is the first time I met you, but love has no pistillate. I love you because God "she whispered after kissing both cheeks. I'm still speechless. I do not know what should be my response.

# # #
Dr Amr Khalid in his book True Friendship Asshuhbatus Salih said that the songs and films are deliberately spread by certain groups expand successfully make love to a narrow concept of the real situation.
Love at this age to understand the scope of a very small and narrow.As long as it is love, there is nothing else present in the minds of men and women that relationships based on lust. Love is now understood that the purpose of dry, without the contempt.
Praise be to Allah who has created us as Muslims who have been taught the true meaning of love. Islam teaches the meaning of love that track is ALLAH. To love is to make all things according to God's will.
Once upon a time in front of the Temple ran a young man chasing a young man in the crowd of other pilgrims. Then he pulled the boy from behind. It's a little rough, and the young man who pulled it was disturbed and almost angry. But after that they parted without a word.But this incident is very meaningful to me who was right in front of them. It turns out that an attractive young man trying to remove a bee trapped in a turban to cover the head of the young man. While the young man who pulled it does not know what the real motive of the boy pulling, fortunately, he was patient and not be angry. I wondered so hebatkah their love to their brothers and sisters are willing to pursue them in the crowd for a loved one does not get ill from a bee sting.
Love protects one from all that one does not like. Love does not ask for anything even just a thank you.
Love in a friendship is very important. Without love it will not be lasting friendships. See how the love of friendship Caliph Umar bin Khattab RA and 'iyash bin Abi Rabi'ah have tried and managed to circumcise.The story happened when they went out to migrate to Madinah. Abu Jahl aware of the departure of 'iyash and certainly not merelainya, Abu Jahl then follow them and travel in the middle of Abu Jahl threatened to persecute mothers' iyash. 'Iyash selfless and chose to protect his mother' Umar then asked him to surrender his camel while the camel is remind me to ride and I'm waiting to hadiranmu to Medina. Upon his return to Mecca 'iyash back to its former condition. But love is standing friendship between their results did not go out and night, Umar RA to send (the letter contained) of each verse Qur'an was revealed to 'iyash until the last shipment of verse 53 from Surah Az Zumar "Qul ya' ibadiyallazina asrafu 'ala anfusihim la taqnatu minrahmatillahi innallaha yaghfiruz zunuba jami'an innallaha huwal ghofururrahim "" Say (O Muhammad): O my servants who have transgressed against their souls, do not despair of the Mercy of Allah, verily Allah forgives all sins , indeed, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful ", then wept 'iyash when reading the above verse that says camel and rushed gifted by Umar to go to Medina.
See how love has become the cause of Islam is a friend.
A friend asked, "So what do you think love in your friendship with women?". I paused and thought for a moment. It turns out I love them no different from my friends that man even more. Because I follow the instruction cintalah and manners in dealing with them. Love the body can not stop us let alone among the actively meet in everyday activities. But God, aware of human weakness. Human weakness that can not control the love of the positive and negative. Human weakness that often fall due to lust. Thus, God provides a way for us survivors.Allah does not forbid it from growing to love, but God provides for restrictions and borders remain intact neatly away from the trial. Allah does not prohibit us from communicating and bermu'amalah but God also gives patterns and forms that maintain the honor bermuamalah each party. See how beautiful the lid and ghaddul Bashar and its influence on social life...

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